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Welcome to Phoenix Animal Hospital.  Using this website You can browse through the hospital at you leisure. You will see there are many areas to explore. We have tried to include pictures for each department of the hospital. If you have a specific area you would like to inspect, go to that department and start browsing. Also if you would like an in-person tour of the hospital, please schedule an appointment and we would be happy to show you around between the hours of 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Now sit back and enjoy a tour of our facility.


When you first enter the hospital, You will come to our front desk area. This where we keep the files for all the patients as well as all the office supplies necessary to operate the front office. The front office staff will greet you and make you feel comfortable. The receptionist has been or is being trained to be able to answer routine questions, schedule appointments, go over medications instructions, and to give discharge instructions when it’s time for your pet to go home. We will provide you with a smiling face when you walk through the door.


The exam rooms are where the receptionist will take you after your pet has been checked in for an appointment. Shortly after you have been placed into an exam room, a technician will come in to take a brief history of why your pet is here to see the doctor. They will also record your pet’s vitals, such as temperature, respiration rate, heart rate, and the weight. Soon afterwords, the veterinarian will be in to examine you pet.


If your pet requires surgery – we have an extensive surgery facility with all the proper equipment and resources to quickly help your pet. The Surgery room is located in the northwestern part of the hospital. We are able to perform routine surgeries, such as spays and neuters, as well as extensive surgeries, such as fracture repairs and any type of soft tissue surgery. Our patients are maintained under anesthesia using anesthetic agents such as Isoflourane and or Propoflo. Monitoring devices such as Doppler, ECG, etc. are used to ensure you pet’s well being during the anesthetic procedure.


This is our Radiology Department. We are capable of taking and developing x-rays right here in the office. The Radiology Department is strategically located between the Surgery room and the Intensive care area. X rays are used to help diagnose many problems such as fractures, foreign bodies, cardiac and respiratory problems, just to name a few. If a pet is pain full due to a fracture or other injury, we are able to use anesthesia during the radiographic process.


If your pet is in need of intensive care, we have complete professional facilities and equipment to ensure proper treatment. Some pet’s illnesses requires hospitalization so that they may receive I.V. fluid therapy and treatments. In our intensive care department, we are able to control fluid input using infusion pumps, supply oxygen for pets that are having respiratory difficulties, and monitor vital signs as needed. Some pets require a incubator to help maintain their vitals. The incubator provides warmth and oxygen when necessary.


If you pet needs lab work such as blood tests, we have a laboratory setup right here at our office to obtain fast, accurate tests. Most lab work will be sent to an outside laboratory for overnight processing. If results are needed immediately we have contracted with a local lab to have samples run “Stat” with complete profiles back in 1 hour. We prefer to run complete profiles prior to anesthesia and not abbreviated “Presurgical Panels” since all lab data is important. We prefer to run lab work 1-2 days prior to anesthesia and surgery.


Phoenix Animal Hospital uses an IM3 dental machine which features ultrasonic scaling of the teeth, rotary removal of plaque and tartar under the gum line. We also have the capability to section teeth, drill and fill teeth with our high speed drill. A low speed polishing head will then smooth the surface of the teeth. All this means for a very clean mouth.


If your pet is in serious condition or has an illness that is contagious, we may need to keep them in our special isolation area. The isolation area is located in the very back of the hospital. The location is critical so as not to expose any of the boarding or hospitalized pets to something contagious. A technician is assigned to the Isolation Ward when a pet that is ill has been admitted. This technician provides excellent care for pets that must be isolated from the rest of the hospital.


We offer indoor boarding facilities for when you need a safe, caring place for your pet to stay while you are away. Our boarding facility is capable of caring for approximately 30 animals at a time. We have large runs for the larger dogs and spacious cubicles for cats and small dogs. Pets that board at Phoenix Animal Hospital are given the care and love that you would expect from a group of professionals that have dedicated their lives to care for animals.


This is the area for larger pets to stay. The runs are 4’x8′. this allows plenty of room for your pet no matter their size. They are also walked outside two to three times per daily so they will not feel “cooped-up” during their stay at Phoenix Animal Hospital. Feel free to bring in treats for your pet during their stay with us, but bring enough for everybody, because we have to share.


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